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The Executive & Team Coaching Program is an ICF accredited coach training program designed to equip you with the skills and tools to launch a successful executive coaching practice.

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If you’re passionate about bringing more curiosity, empathy, and personal growth into the world, you’re in the right place.

The Executive & Team Coaching Program is a coach training program accredited by the ICF designed to equip you with the skills and tools to launch a successful executive coaching practice or to apply coaching concepts to businesses.

As an Executive Coach, you’ll help facilitate self-discovery and transform business fields with cutting-edge coaching concepts revolutionizing the way people work.

Executive & Team Coach Training

Let’s talk about your success.

There has been a sharp rise among managers/leaders using coaching skills in the strength of agreement that clients expect their coaches to be certified/credentialed.
- 2020 ICF Global Coaching Study: Executive Summary

Coach Certified at the Highest Levels

Leverage the New Guidelines for Accredited Team Coaching

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the current gold standard of coaching. The Executive & Team Coaching Program is recognized by the ICF as an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP), the highest possible level. By training with Saint Joseph's University, you put yourself on the most robust and quickest track to earn your coaching credential.

In early 2021 the ICF established new guidelines to become an Accredited Team Coach. The Executive & Team Coaching Program addresses the ICF’s core coaching criteria as well as includes materials, skill building, and exercises that meet the new team coach competencies.

ACTP, ICF Accredited Coach Training Program

Coaching by the numbers


The coaching industry is the second fasted growing sector in the world

*Statistic from


Increase in demand for coaching in the next six years.

*Statistic from Department of Labor


Executive coaches earn a median income of $100,668 in the United States.

*Statistic from

$2.849 Billion

2019 Estimated Global Revue from Coaching

*Statistic from International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Tools & Support to Launch Your Executive Coach Career

Executive Coach Toolkit

From professional leadership assessments to effective feedback tools, you’ll gain a practical toolbox of research-based exercises to use with clients.

A Business Success Roadmap

Included in each program is a business success roadmap and business materials from sample contracts to guidelines on pricing and getting your first five clients or becoming an in-house executive coach.

Passionate Community of Coaches

The friendships formed in each training program lasts a lifetime. You will make lifelong friends in your training as well as be connected to a fantastic group.

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The 3 Elements of the Executive & Team Coaching Program

1.0 Executive Coach Training

This program begins with our foundational executive coaching course which combines ICF-accredited training with tools and exercises designed for executives and entrepreneurs.

2.0 Advanced Coaching

The next phase takes a deeper dive into the research and theory supporting coaching and the key elements to establishing a successful executive coaching practice while learning advanced coaching tools.

3.0 Team Coaching

Throughout this stage, you will learn team-based coaching techniques, develop strategies to balance the demands of leaders and their teammates, and help build more effective team dynamics for your clients.

You can enroll in a coach training program that provides everything you need to kickstart your executive coaching career with transparency, empathy, and results.

  • ICF accreditation
  • An amazing classroom experience that is live, remote, and entirely hands-on
  • Research-backed textbooks
  • Real-world experiences
  • A coaching toolkit full of curated exercises and materials you can use throughout your entire coaching career
  • A community of support from graduates, current students, and so much more!

Choose the plan that is right for you!

Program Tuition is $9,600.

Program Tuition

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Installment Plan

4 Monthly Payments


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*discounts available for Saint Joseph's University Alumni and Military please inquire.

About Coach Training EDU™

Coach Training EDU™ offers comprehensive coach training to people who want to improve lives, strengthen relationships, and empower executives. As a global ICF-accredited coaching school, CTEDU offers an immersive curriculum and lifelong support for graduates establishing their coaching careers. 

Marie Stevenson

Director of Professional Development Saint Joseph's University

Laurence Hewitt, Coach Training EDU Graduate

"We chose CTEDU as our partner for the Executive and Team Coaching Program because they are ACTP accredited by the ICF and have excellent graduate reviews. They blend the ICF's core competencies beautifully through their comprehensive program while exposing the participants to various coaching approaches, situations, team coaching and a very valuable and rare business component. In addition to this, their values align with ours regarding ethics, inclusivity, equality and quality academics."

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If you’re seeking change and growth in both your professional and personal life, and have the desire to assist others in reaching their own developmental goals, you’re in the right place. We’d love to continue the conversation.

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